Anatoly Tarasenko
🤙 +79272366541

🙋Role: Co-founder and CTO
👨‍💻Company: Crypto Band
🌐Web: no
🗓️ Dates: 2021-2022
Attraction of investments.
Crypto-token sale automatisation.
Profitability calculations.
Established crypto-mining farm.
Organized education courses for the team.

🙋Role: Co-founder, CTO
👨‍💻Company: Engym Kids, educational games
🗓️ Dates: 2019-2021
Established relationship with more that 100 publishers, brands and influencers.
Gather up the team: 4 Unity C# Developers, English Methodologyst, 2 Testers, Backend and Frontend Developers, User acquisition and ASO manager. Made a market research.
Bootstrap start of the company and then go with the publisher.
Hire and fire staff.
Company start make money with me.

🙋Role: Co-founder and CTO
👨‍💻Company: Trishurupa, news website
🗓️ Dates: 2019-2020
Agreements with ads buyers, chief writing, copywriters hiring and management. Global CMS update with more that 20000 pages movement without SEO downgrade.

🙋Role: Founder and CEO
👨‍💻Company: Dronika, drone hiring platform
🗓️ Dates: 2017-2019
Bootstrap start of the company. Attraction of investments. Hiring, market research, form a database of more that 3000 drones pilots all over the CIS region.

🙋Role: Co-founder and CTO
👨‍💻Company: Vneftegaze, Petroleum HR service
🗓️ Dates: 2016-2017
Tech lead of PHP programmers. Architecture of the service.

🙋Role: Founder and CEO
👨‍💻Company: Software development studio
🗓️ Dates: 2011-2016
Bootstrap start of the business. Web development, Linux DevOps, make web-services and e-commerce with WordPress, Prestashop, OpenCart, ModX, Joomla, Drupal and other different exotic engines. Ruby and Python development. Games development with Unity in VR. Software and hardware for robots.

🙋Role: System Administrator
👨‍💻Company: Department of education Nadym city
🌐Web: no
🗓️ Dates: 2009-2011

Off-work activities: startup mentoring, cryptocurrency talk meetups, VR talks meetup, English speaking club, public speaking club.
Have my own cryptocurrency token, created for the experiments.
Ride a bicycle 🚲 everyday even in winter. Ride a snowboard 🏂
Raising a bilingual daughter with my wife.